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ratioSystems® - 100% carbon neutral

"A 'Keep at it!' is not acceptable. Climate protection is the biggest challenge of the 21th century."
[Angela Merkel, German Chancellor/ 2007]

As a company we do our best to meet that challenge. Not only because everyone will ultimately be affected by climate change but also because companies have a notable and specific responsibility.

In 2020 our corporate carbon footprint (CCF) was calculated and evaluated by ClimatePartner. Emissions that could not be avoided or reduced are now being offset by supporting a recognised project in Paradigm, Kenya.

This project supplies families in rural Kenya with clean drinking water. Thus they no longer need to boil water with wood on an open fire. The treated water from is drinkable for 72 hours, saves the population the money for firewood and the time for the often protracted wood procurement. It also conserves the local tree population and avoids CO2 and other pollutants.

[Stand: 01.03.2021]

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Galery Building Projects


PE foam backer rods available

Round PE foam profiles are used as backing or sealing material.

Manufactured from close-celled polyethylene foam they are compressible and elastic.

Backer rods are applicable as gap, window and door sealing. When inserted into a joint they control the sealant depth and act as bond-breakers, without adhering to the sealant. PE backer rods can be used for internal and external applications.

The diameters from Ø 6mm up to Ø 150 mm are now available.

Please contact us for price and delivery information:

[Stand: 30.08.2020]

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