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The Philosopher’s Tower in Hamburg, the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf, the Congress-Center in Mannheim, the Rostock University Library and the Chinese Embassy in Berlin have all one thing in common: windowSafe® products.

windowSafe® is your brand for special sealing gaskets and profiles made of cellular rubber, sponge rubber, soft rubber, cell polyethylene and other materials – especially for windows and façades but also for many other areas of application.

Many years of experience as well as modern manufacturing technology enable us to provide custom made products – from very small series to large quantities.

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windowSafe® is a brand of ratioSystems® - your manufacturer and service provider when it comes to rubber and plastics. Please click below for more information about the brand as well the company behind.

windowSafe® - The brand


The brand windowSafe® was created in 1997 and since then provides rubber, foam and plastics solutions for sealing and insulating purposes especially for the windows and façades building industry but also for other sectors.


>>     Expertise in cellular rubber products since 1997

Since the creation of the brand gaskets and profiles made of cellular rubber have been key products. Thanks to water jet cutting and other processing methods they can be manufactured quickly and individually without entailing costs for tools or programming.

Small and medium quantities can be produced without effort within a few days. But also large series containing thousands of cell rubber gaskets can be promptly provided via modern technology like multiple head water jet cutting.

The material itself is lightweight, age resistant and water proof up to 99.8%. Thus cellular rubber products are perfectly suited for sealing functions. Furthermore they are easy to handle and to apply.Time and cost consuming manual sealing labor can be avoided.

All cell rubber qualities can be splitted, punched, milled, laminated and cut. The material can also be coated – for example with PTFE for increasing the temperature resistance up to 800°C or with adhesives for improved application.

In addition to the manufacturing of custom made gaskets and profiles we supply cellular rubber in the form of sheets, strips, cut-outs and rolls.


>>     Sponge rubber, soft rubber and other materials

In addition to cell rubber that meets a wide range of many different demands in the sealing sector, we provide products made of other materials. For example sponge rubber and different soft rubber qualities (e.g. EPDM, CR, SBR) but also non-rubber materials such as PE-foam, PUR-foam or silicone foam.


>>     Extruded PE foam profiles since 2003

Among all these different materials non-cross-linked, extruded PE foam is of special importance for the sealing sector because of its excellent absorption and insulation ability.

PE foam profiles are a vital part of many modern façade systems that ensure improved heat insulation and minimized thermal loss. Polyethylene foam provides a heat conductivity coefficient of ca. 0,035 W/mK and is thus able to decrease the façade’s overall heat conductivity rate.

Therefore we offer extruded PE foam profiles since 2003. They are usually developed and manufactured according to our customer’s individual needs and wishes.


>>     Product range

Our product range contains four different key lines that are mirrored by their article numbers. Here the first four numbers specify the product group:

6001         Sealing gaskets

We manufacture sealing gaskets and rings made of different materials, mostly of EPDM cell rubber, sponge rubber and soft rubber. But we also use other rubber qualities as well as PE, PUR and silicone foams as standard materials. The most common production methods are water jet cutting and punching. The coating with adhesive foil is also a common request by our customers.

6003         Sealing profiles and clamping sections

In addition to standard solutions we develop custom made sponge and soft rubber profiles. Most profiles are produced via extrusion except for cell rubber profiles. Here the plate material is usually glued together, rolled up and then cut by water jet.

6005         Extruded PE foam profiles

PE foam profiles are also manufactured via extrusion. The process produces a continuous profile strip that can be printed on, coated with adhesives or cut into smaller pieces of a certain length.

6007         Special gaskets and additional products

Here you will find all products that do not fit into one of the before mentioned three categories. For example base plates made of HDPE (hard plastics material), gaskets made of ultra-lightweight Melamine foam or strips made of highly temperature resistant silicone foam.

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On duty for our customers ...


…in the windows and façades sector

The windows and façades construction is a key industry for our sealing products. Cell rubber for example is used inplaces where the entry of water must be prevented. EPDM materials are age and weather resistant and therefore often used in the outer sections of buildings. PE foam profiles don’t conduct heat. Therefore they work as excellent insulators and are thus highly relevant for sustainable, climate conscious building and renovating.


… in the installation and assembly sector

In this area sealing, insulation and damping are relevant issues but so are buffering and cushioning. Therefore material properties such as shore hardness, density, elasticity or compression set are highly important.


… in the mechanical engineering and plant construction sector

The demands made by the engineering and plant construction sector are quite diverse and often complex. In addition to standard products like clamping sections special materials are often requested, for example abrasion-proof PUR foam, highly temperature resistant silicone foam or cell rubber with FDA approval.

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