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Please see below for current projects as well as news and information about our product windowSafe®.

Viva con Agua - All for water. Water for all.

We support "Viva con Agua" and its water projects

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a non-profit organisation committed to ensuring that people worldwide have access to clean drinking water.

Following the WASH principle that includes not only water but also sanitation and hygiene components, VcA projects have reached about 3 million people since its founding in 2013.

Starting this summer ratioSystems® is looking forward to promote water projects and actions at home and abroad as a sustaining member of Viva con Agua..

Our team profits as well since ratioSystems® now provides Viva con Agua mineral water for its employees. And with every bottle that is finished further water projetcs will be supported.

You are interested in the Viva con Agua projects or organistation? Click here to read more: https://www.vivaconagua.org/home.

[Stand: 05.08.2019]

PE foam round profiles

PE foam backer rods available

Round PE foam profiles are used as backing or sealing material. There are close-celled, compessive and elastic. The following products are now available:

PE foam profile Ø 6 mm
PE foam profile Ø 8 mm
PE foam profile Ø 10 mm
PE foam profile Ø 13 mm
PE foam profile Ø 15 mm
PE foam profile Ø 20 mm
PE foam profile Ø 25 mm
PE foam profile Ø 30 mm
PE foam profile Ø 40 mm
PE foam profile Ø 50 mm


= available from 33.000 meters
= available from 29.700 meters
= available from 24.000 meters
= available from 18.000 meters
= available from 13.750 meters
= available from 10.500 meters
= available from 8.000 meters
= available from 6.300 meters
= available from 3.840 meters
= available from 2.600 meters

Please contact us for price and delivery information: info@windowsafe.de.

Bigger diameters (up to Ø 150 mm) available upon request.

[Date: 15.05.2019]

New telephone number

New telephone and fax number

Dear customers,

Starting today you will reach us by our new phone and fax numbers:

Tel.: +49 (0) 41 31 - 26 664 - 20
Fax: +49 (0) 41 31 - 26 664 - 10

The old numbers are still available for the coming months.

[Date: 05.06.2018]

The Corniche, London

windowSafe® sealing gaskets in Londons new landmark "The Corniche"

In 2017 another rather spectacular project including windowsafe® sealing gaskets will be completed: “The Corniche” in London.

The Corniche is a mixed-use conglomerate of towers located on the south bank of the river Thames, opposite the Houses of Parliament. The separate buildings range from 15 to 27 floors in height. Their half round shape – a Forster + Partners design – especially catches the eye.

And the most interesting fact: more than 60.000 windowSafe® sealing gaskets were used in the construction.

Technical data
Project: St. James, The Corniche
Location: Albert Embankment, London UK
Capacity: 252 apartments
Gross floor area: 33.000 m²
windowSafe® PE foam sealing gaskets: 60.616 pieces

[Date: 24.11.2017 / Source: https://www.fosterandpartners.com/projects/the-corniche/]

Super soft EPDM cell rubber

Have a look into our range of materials: super soft cell rubber


Most sealing products are required to be as soft as possible but at the same time impervious. This can be a problem since hardness and cell structure can be opposed. Very low shore hardness can often only be achieved by open or partly open cells which in turn can affect the material's sealing abilities negatively.

Our super soft EPDM cell rubber is a material that provides a minimum level of shore hardness while maintaining a completely closed cell structure and thus a maximum imperviousness.

Technical data:
Hardness: 20° Shore 00
Density: 85 kg/m³
Temperature range: -40 to +120°C
Vacuum water absorption: <= 5%
Ozone resistance: excellent
Air/UV resistance: excellent

[Date: 07.09.2017]

Under construction

Reconstruction complete

During the last weeks our website has undergone construction.

We hope the content is now a little more fashionably presented and better structured. Should you be missing any kind of vital information please contact us: info@windowsafe.de.

[Date: 24.08.2017]

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Congratulations Hamburg!

The opening ceremonies of the Elbphilharmonie will take place on January, the 11th and 12th.

As part of the festivities, German Federal President Joachim Gauck, Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz as well as Jacques Herzog from Herzog & de Meuron will be present. The first concert in the Grand Hall will be played by the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester. The very first performance is a work commissioned specially for the occasion.

The construction of the new Hamburg landmark took nearly 10 years and the result is definitely a glass and stone superlative:

>> 1.096 glass elements constitute the upper part that looks like a wave.
>> The whole upper part sits on 428 steel springs.
>> These springs are mounted on 1.745 piles which are anchored directly in the Elbe ground.
>> The building has 26 floors.
>> The highest point is situated 110 m above ground.
>> Currently it is thus the highest building in the city offering housing space.

>> And last but not least: the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg contains 321.6 m windowSafe® sealing profiles made of chloroprene cell rubber.

[Date: 11.01.2017 / Source: Wikipedia, www.elbphilharmonie.de]

10 year anniversary

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary

Be welcome to celebrate with us the 10 year anniversary of our company ratioSystems® Germany Ltd. As a thank-you gift for 10 years of successful and enjoyable cooperation we offer special conditions for all incoming orders* in May:

10%     discount on all items*

10,-€    donation to the German section of UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)

* Valid for all orders from 01.05. to 31.05.2016 except for PE-foam profiles, frame contracts and tool costs.

[Stand: 18.04.2016]

fenster frontale Logo 2016

Meet us on the 17th of March at fenster frontale in Nuremberg, Germany

Even if we will not attend the fenster frontale as exhibitor we will nonetheless be present. So feel welcome to meet us for a coffee and a consultation about one of the following subjects:

>> Cell rubber gaskets"

>> "Extruded PE foam profiles"

>> "Cell rubber and other non-extruded profiles"

For an appointment please contact us: +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20 or info@ratiosystems.de

[Date: 10.03.2016]

Anchor channels including PE foam profile

PE foam profiles in fixing and façade systems

Fixing systems – e.g. for curtain walls – are of particular significance in concrete constructions. Here anchor channels play an important role.

Anchor channels are C profiles made of steel which are embedded in concrete elements. Anchors on their backside keep them grounded. The C-shaped hollow on the other side provides space for special screws. After being locked in place those “hammer-head screws” are able to support weights up to 27 kN. Thus they provide means of joining precast elements or fixing installations, pipes, wires or façade parts without damaging the concrete surface.

But the whole anchor channel system relies heavily on the inner hollow to remain free of concrete during the embedding process. To prevent the material from pouring into the channel PE profiles are applied. They are usually inserted into the anchor channel after production and removed after being set in concrete.

In this process extruded PE foam profiles offer several advantages:

PE foam is a cellular material. Due to its flexibility and elasticity it can be fitted into the anchor channel hollow without difficulty.

Its cells are closed. Thus the intrusion of water or concrete can reliably be prevented.

During the extrusion process (the raw material is being pressed through a shaping die) the profile can be shaped exactly like the channel hollow for a perfect fit.

PE foam extrusion allows the economical and quick production of big profile quantities for industrial purposes.

For more information about extruded PE foam profiles, their properties and their applications please visit our product site "Extruded PE foam profiles". >> Read more.

[Date: 21.09.2015]

Insulation properties

Highly insulating materials

Again the subject has been brought to attention. The national press wrote at the beginning of May that the amount of energy German industry could save via adequate plant insulation would equal the annual output of four big coal-fired power plants.

Materials that are especially fit for insulating tasks because of the cellular structure are polyethylene foam, cell rubber and sponge rubber.

Thermal conductivity coefficient

Cellular polyethylene: < 0,036 W/mK

Cellular rubber: ~ 0,040 W/mK

Sponge rubber: ~ 0,040 W/mK

In addition these materials are durable, free of contaminants and suitable for sealing against steam and fluids.

[Date: 18.05.2015]

EPDM 30 elasticity

Have a look into our range of materials: Super soft EPDM

Cellular rubber and sponge rubber exhibit both outstanding mechanical properties. They are lightweight, ageing resistant and elastic. Thanks to their low shore hardness they are flexible and fit easily into their surroundings. Therefore they are commonly used in the sealing sector.

Their disadvantage: from a certain point the cell structure is susceptible to strain damage. High pressure, strong tensile force or permanent movement can damage the cells or – when it comes to sponge rubber – the outer skin. Thus the material ceases to be waterproof and thus loses its most important feature.

Because of the non-existence of a cellular structure this cannot happen with soft rubber. Nevertheless soft rubber is often not taken into consideration because usually it isn’t soft and flexible enough.

The exception: super soft EPDM with a shore hardness of 30°. In addition to the general advantages of EPDM (e.g. high resistance to weather, ozone, ageing and UV radiation) this special quality exhibits excellent impact resilience as well as high elasticity and tensile strength.

Technical Data:
Hardness: 25 - 30° Shore A
Density: 1.03 g/cm³
Temperature range: -40 - +100°C
Impact resilience: 43%
Elongation at break: 789%
Tensile strength: 10.4 MPa

[Date: 21.01.2015]

Rostock University Library

One of our favorite building projects is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Nearly exactly 10 years ago on the 4th of December in 2014 the new Rostock University library building was inaugurated.

The library was founded in 1569 and is thus one of the oldest in northern Germany. Today it comprises more than 2.2 million books in over a dozen departments that are scattered all over the old Hanse town.

After winning the first prize in the invited competition in 2000 the Danish architect Henning Larsen and his team were tasked with the construction project. The laying of the foundation stone took place in 2002 on the 19th of July. Four years and a few thousand windowSafe® sealing gaskets later the building was finished in May 2004 and officially inaugurated on the 4th of December.

Located on a significant corner  the L-shaped library stands out as a landmark and at the same time marks the entrance to the buildings behind which have developed into a small campus on its own during the last few years. On a 7.300 m² area it provides space for 960.000 books and more than 400 working stations.

Dates & Facts

Project: Rostock University department library for mathematics, environmental, natural & engineering sciences
Location: Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)

Gross floor area: 13.000 m²
Floor space: 7.300 m²
Capacity: 960.000 volumes
windowSafe® sealing gaskets (EPDM soft rubber):  ca. 5.000 pieces

[Sources: Website University Library Rostock (www.ub.uni-rostock.de) / Websites Henning Larsen Architects (www.henninglarsen.com)]

Rostock University Library Details

[Date: 25.11.2014]

German industry with substantial energy-savings potential

In a shared press release dena (Germany Energy Agency) and the Federation of German Construction Industry (HDB) criticize the massive heat loss in German plant components and industrial equipment.

Improving insulation could prevent a great deal of thermal loss and thus save a lot of energy as well as costs.

dena writes: “In times of rising electricity and energy prices, energy efficiency represents a vital competitive advantage for companies. Many companies still reject energy efficiency measures because they think them too expensive. However compared to the substantial energy and cost savings investment in optimized plant insulation is relatively low.”

HDB has calculated that an annual 106 petajoule of energy and 8.7 megatons of CO2 could be saved by professionally insulating plants and operational equipment. Holger Elter, CEO of HDB, writes: “German companies could achieve annual savings of € 750 million through adequate insulation of their plants.”

[Source: dena, press release 20.05.2014]

[Date: 12.09.2014]

SMM Logo 2014

Meet our safetyBag® colleagues at SMM in Hamburg, Germany

You do not only need a sealing solution or an insulation profile but a presentation case for your sales department, foam inserts for your tool cabinets or simply a packaging that resists wind, water and dust? Then contact our sister company ratioSystems® i.s. GmbH, your provider when it comes to cases and case solutions. (More information at www.safetybag.de/en/index.php)

Between September 9th and 12th our colleagues are exhibiting at Hamburg Messezentrum - at SMM the world's leading shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology fair: hall B5 / stand 426.

You are at SMM anyway? Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to make an appointment: call +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20 or send us an e-mail: info@windowsafe.de

[Date: 15.08.2014]

NEW: High temperature resistant silicone foam

As of late we can offer our customers a special silicone foam that is resistant against temperatures up to 260°C. The material can be cut into strips, sheets and customized gaskets.

Technical data:
Density: ca. 160 kg/m³
Hardness: ca. 35° Shore 00
Maximum working temperature: +260°C
Minimum working temperature: -50°C

[Date: 16.04.2014]

Kö-Bogen, Düsseldorf

windowSafe® sealing gaskets in award winning Düsseldorf Kö-Bogen

During this year's international real estate fair (MIPIM) in Cannes the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf (Germany) was awarded as "Best Urban Regeneration Project 2014". As it is windowSafe® can claim a tiny bit of this success as 109.819 windowSafe® sealing gaskets have been used for the construction of the building's facade.

overall facade expanse: 16.200 m²

windowSafe® gaskets made of cell foam rubber: 12.644 pieces

windowSafe® gaskets made of melamine foam: 97.175 pieces

[Date: 01.04.2014]

fenster frontale Logo 2014

Meet us on the 28th of March at fenster frontale in Nuremberg, Germany

Even though we are not present with an own booth we are of course attending the world’s leading fair for windows, doors and facades in Nuremberg.

Since the wish for more sustainability continues to drive innovation in the window, door and facade construction sector we would especially like to present our extruded PE foam products. Profiles made of PE foam are already included into most modern façade systems for better thermal insulation. Polyethylene foam provides a heat conductivity coefficient of ca. 0,035 W/mK and is thus able to decrease the façade’s global heat conductivity rate.

You would like to meet us?
Please contact us: +49 (0) 41 31 - 23 24 20 or info@windowsafe.de

[Date: 03.03.2014]